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Danny Miller

I want to recommend the very talented The Web Specialist Design Team for your author/publisher clients. I selected The Web Specialist from about 30 people who responded to my CraigsList ad for a Web Designer/Webmaster. Before hiring The Web Specialist, I checked some of their references and the websites they have designed for them and got high accolades from all of them. I have thus far used The Web Specialist to “clean-up” and update my web site and blog site. My original website designers used an outdated Joomla program, which makes it very difficult to implement.

The Web Specialist Team is courteous, responsive, creative and very reasonable. And unlike many of the tech people I know, they write and communicate well and can explain technical things to me in a manner that I can understand. The team can be reached at 323-303-9916. Their email address is

Haven and Jill Lamoureux

The The Web Specialist Team created the website of our band, Wing And Hollow. They are a very “hands-on” crew that gets the job done. They have always been accessible for changes and updates to the site, anytime we need them. I think our website speaks for itself, the Web Designers did a creative, thorough and personal job. I applaud them for their ease in dealing with clients, their understanding of websites and what brings the most traffic to sites. I have gladly passed their information on to several other friends who have LOVED the web results as well. The Web Specialist Team works step-by-step with their client until everyone is satisfied with the result. Thanks again for a job well done!

Natalie Geller

I highly recommend The Web Specialist as a very talented team of web designers. They have outstanding technical skills and always exceeded my expectation. They answered all questions, was extremely accessible and worked very hard in order to complete the job within time constraints. Their work is very professional and I strongly recommend them for any and every professional designing website.

Ed Ellis

This is a letter to anyone who would like to hire The Web Specialist to design their company’s website. I have been impressed with the team’s imagination, energy, and their follow-through. They took the initiative from the beginning, presenting ideas for our company’s web site and listening to our suggestions. What The Web Specialist gave us was a contemporary platform to reach out to our current and future clients. This was very important to us because we were in the process of having our third website designed, and it had not been updated for 8 years. Now we have a 21st century site that we are all proud of and we have received many compliments from our clients, designers, architects and friends.

Not only has The Web Specialist designed a beautiful site for us, they tutored us on social media, which is so important in this business atmosphere, giving us a strong presence in social media, and it has embarked our company on several new avenues of revenue. Without The Web Specialists’s guidance into social media, we would have had a beautiful site that would have been fairly static. We now have a dynamic presence on the web, and are grateful for The Web Specialist creativity, energy, and guidance.

Kenneth Mudd

I couldn’t believe the difference between what the The Web Specialist Team had to offer us in Web Design over the competition. Our first carefully selected Designer fell so far short of our expectations in every way. Time deadlines came and went. Just trying to get across what it was that we were looking for seemed so lost in translation. Professionalism was lacking as well as functionality and excuses abundant. I was ready to throw in the towel at obtaining an affordable website altogether and then we met The Web Specialist Team. They changed the way I looked at Web Design. They took our idea and ran with it. They built our site to represent what we wanted our customers to see and feel when looking through the pages. I could not believe how much the team put into our site and how quickly everything was worked out. They taught me so much and continues to fully support their work. The Web Specialist has become an invaluable part of the Triad family and we couldn’t have done this without them. Thanks The Web for all your hard work!!!